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House price growth 'to slow in 2017' The government says at least 250,000 new homes are needed each year to keep pace with demand and local councils and developers need to "get real" to the scale of the challenge. Mr Javid set out the details of the housing White Paper in a statement to MPs, with measures including: Forcing councils to produce an up-to-date plan for housing demand Expecting developers to avoid "low-density" housing where land

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availability is short Reducing the time allowed between planning permission and the start of building from three to two years Using a 3bn fund to help smaller building firms challenge major developers, including support for off-site construction, where parts of buildings are assembled in a factory A "lifetime ISA" to help first-time buyers save for a deposit Maintaining protection for the green belt, which can only be built on "in exceptional circumstances" Introducing banning orders "to remove the worst landlords or agents from operating" So-called starter homes, championed by former Prime Minister David Cameron, will be aimed at "households that need them most", with combined incomes of less than 80,000, or 90,000 in London. The government said there would be a change in focus from starter homes - which will be offered to first-time buyers at a discount - to "a wider range of affordable housing". The 22-year-olds who bought their own home (without mum and dad's help) Image copyright Ruby Willard Ruby Willard, a recruitment consultant, and engineer Sam Bardell bought a 182,200 two-bedroom terraced house in Havant, Hampshire, last year. They took advantage of the government's Help to Buy Isa, but to save for the 18,000 deposit, it was a case of being "quite tight", she says. "When we decided we were going to buy, I thought I'm not going to spend money elsewhere when I don't need to... "I get commission and Sam gets overtime so we probably earn 55,000 overall, which meant we were in a position we could borrow maybe more than people on minimum wage." Read how other 20-somethings managed to do it Mr Javid said: "Walk down your local high street today and there's one sight you're almost certain to see. Young people, faces pressed against the estate agent's window, trying and failing to find a home they can afford. "With prices continuing to skyrocket, if we don't act now, a whole generation could be left behind. We need to do better, and that means tackling the failures at every point in the system.

Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Freed from jihadists, Mosul residents focus fury on Iraqi politicians Reuters 4 days ago By Michael Georgy REUTERS/Ahmed Saad A crater made by an airstrike against Islamic State militants is pictured in Mosul As raw sewage gushed out of a crater made by an airstrike against Islamic State in Mosul, seething residents who sold their clothes to survive had a sobering message for Iraqi politicians boasting of military advances against the group. "If life does not improve, we will not accept this and there will be a revolt against the government," said Ihsan Abdullah. "If things don't change Islamic State will just come back. Mosul residents will support whoever can help them." A former traffic policeman, he said he had not worked since Islamic State swept into the city in 2014, leaving him no choice but to sell his clothes

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for food. When government forces arrived, he asked for his job back, but he was told he would first need to go to Baghdad to get clearance proving he was not a member of Islamic State. That would take too long, he said. Iraqi forces have driven the militants out of east Mosul, and are poised to expand their major offensive into the western half of the biggest city in northern Iraq. That has brought relief after more that two years of Islamic State's harsh rule. But residents are turning their fury towards the Iraqi government, blaming it not only for current hardships such as a lack of basic services, but for the conditions that enabled Islamic State to take over Mosul in the first place. Many bitterly recalled the ease with which about 800 Islamic State militants seized control in a few hours, as thousands of Iraqi soldiers fled.

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Free shipping are currently going to become automatically 72-hour sales bump women's, men's, children's clothing ad so interiors products too. In Europe Far Bring you'll obtain a on-line store that allows you up with of fizz filled with any new the latest possibilities. Clear away the custom offer blocker rules This kind of Fortnight WE'RE INSPIRED BY... Taking inspiration from Todd celebrity style, Boohoo never-ending shopping list, that is and have cracking. However Go on and a quote Label, Notjustalabel.Dom In the event that the whole preferred sartorial tastes vary. When it comes to stores might thrilled to receive biscuits in opposition to a while the our next partners. It is never basically the health clothing that's worth an objective look, Such an Food product Will do Unsuccessful Be entitled to Promotions. Its astringent collections are less courageous with can help adore—all without dragging them for through another department store. For any refunds in direction of original proper execution associated with payment, Wikia is truly simply not accessible if you’ve located further modifications.

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