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Ed Miliband's former pollster James Morris has been commissioned by some Labour MPs - though not by the current leadership - and the Election Data website to examine the state of the party ahead of two crucial by-elections in Stoke Central and Copeland. He has conducted focus groups and also collected quantative polling and he presented his findings to a select group of politicians at Westminster on Wednesday. Voting blocs He told me the lack of loyalty to Labour is becoming more widespread: "In these seats which have traditionally been solid Labour with blocs of voters who used to work in manufacturing industry their affiliation with the party is now just a thread. "The reason that some say they are still voting Labour is because they always have, or other people are doing it. In the past they would have other reasons, too - "it's the party of the NHS, it's the party that stands up for me" - and that is now going. Social norms are fraying and there is nothing to keep them there." And he believes that the current leader is unlikely to acquire the ability turn this around: "He lacks the rhetorical skill or the clear, defined positions which would give Labour a sense of identity." ชุดนอนน่ารัก Image copyright PA Image caption The party's problems runner deeper than its leadership, pollsters say Indeed in his presentation to Labour MPs, James Morris revealed that more than a quarter of voters who backed Ed Miliband in 2015 think that Theresa May makes a better prime minister than Jeremy Corbyn would. Only about a third prefer the Labour leader while more than a third can't choose between them. But for Gloria de Piero, Labour's difficulties precede - and potentially could post-date - Jeremy Corbyn's leadership. "Labour has lost two elections.